The story of JoJo Loves you & The Power of the Stud

Hello Gorgeous!


Welcome to our first blog post.  We’re so glad you’re here!  Let us introduce ourselves…We’re 2 sisters from the smallest state in the country, who love BIG sparkle, have an obsession for astrology, and a passion for making the most comfortable earrings in the world! My sister, Kristen, is the logistics guru and she’s also the original designer of our custom, light weight, low profile, Sterling Silver settings. She keeps things flowing on the backend and is always using her creative brain to come up with something new. I'm Missy, I run our sales channels. I love people, I love to ask questions and as a Virgo, I need to know "why and how." I have a lot of energy and have always loved to work, but only if it's fun, so our days at JoJo are mixed with passion, silliness and a lot of laughs. This past September, we celebrated 20 years as a brand, and it all started with the desire to make a stud earring that sparkled like no other.

Women love accessories-especially earrings. They're the perfect way to complete your look, and they always work. Earrings are the only type of jewelry that draw the eye up to your face, complimenting your natural bone structure, hairstyle or makeup look. For decades, Women with Sensitive Ears have had trouble finding earrings that they can wear all day long, day after day, comfortably. There’s also the issue of lobe size, or as we at JoJo like to call it, “LOBEAGE”. Over the last two decades, we’ve learned that there are so many factors in terms of lobeage. There are women who have larger lobes, or damage to their pierced holes from consistent wear of heavy earrings over the years, or just from aging, who are looking to cover up their damaged ears. The opposite problem exists for those with tiny ear lobes, where many studs will not fit properly. There was a demand in the market for a combination of color options, size options and affordability that didn't co-exist, until JoJo Loves You entered the industry and began to build its earring empire.
Every Story has a beginning. Ours began in 2003, with a single pack of Vintage Crystals. The combination of a Sterling Silver setting and faceted Austrian Crystal started the American-made jewelry brand known as JoJo Loves You. From Boston to Providence with six moves, a change in ownership, two decades in business, 150 colors, thousands of Bling Addicts, and endless passion; we stand here today determined and dedicated to Spread the Sparkle, as we share the most comfortable, weightless, classic stud earrings with the world. Our mission is to design and manufacture high-quality pieces that are affordable for everyone; while ensuring we have a color that will match every outfit or occasion, while offering the perfect size for every ear, neckline, and wrist.