JoJo Loves YOU!!!!  Yes, YOU Gorgeous!!!!

The LOVE of people…the LOVE of color…the LOVE of fashion and the LOVE of Love!!!

Our jewelry is handmade to make you look and feel Glam, Gorgeous, Sparkly and Fabulous. Whether you’re 5 or 105 you can rock your Blings in your jammies, yoga pants, jeans, or the most amazing dress imaginable.  With over 100 colors and more than 15 styles to choose from, you never have to go a day without your Blings.

The Earring Empire began with a single pack of vintage crystals that were found in an antique shop 15 years ago.  Josie (JoJo), the founder of JoJo Loves You, created an easy to wear, simple, stud earring.  Their low-profile design allows for a sparkly, substantial sized stone, to sit beautifully close to your ear without tipping forward.  This took the Classic stud to a whole NEW level!

In September of 2016, JoJo Loves You began a new journey!  The company was purchased by two sisters, Missy and Kristen and relocated from Boston, MA to their home state of Rhode Island…once known as the JEWELRY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!!!  The brand now has double the energy and intensity. 

These Glam Girls love everything ultra-fabulous, like lashes, makeup, the color pink, astrology, sprinkle donuts, homemade ice cream and of course sparkly JEWELRY! They both left their corporate careers in sales and jewelry design to pour all of their love, energy and experience into an amazing company whose mission is to make jewelry that everyone can feel fabulous wearing.  Complete your look and conquer the world!

Sparkle and Be Awesome!!!



M & K