Aries Starla Bracelet

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Enriched with a Midnight-Sky Glitter that shines like the Galaxy, Blue Goldstone is known as the stone of Ambition and Confidence. It’s notable for exuding Healing and Positive Energy. The Sparkly-Happiness Inducer, Crystal AB, in a Helix shape, is comparable to your very own unique DNA strands. The one thing that makes us all genetically one of a kind. We’ve paired the two together to create our signature bracelet – the Starla. Each bracelet features one of the 12 astrological signs depicted in our very own secret code. Watch the video below to unlock the magic behind our Secret Signs! 

Aries by Birth, Thrill Seeking by Nature.

Birthdates: March 21- April 19

Fire Sign- the first zodiac on the celestial wheel

Looking for your next CEO? Aries is the obvious choice!

- Determined

- Energetic

- Assertive

- Brave

- Natural Born Leader

  • .925 sterling silver setting
  • 12mm diameter crystal
  • Manufactured, hand-set and hand strung in our Rhode Island Studio with Stretch Cord
  • Nickel Free
  • Please note that due to the specialty coating and variations in the crystals, the colors may be slightly different
  • Comes packaged on a coordinating bracelet card in a black organza bag

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